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Saturday, June 21, 2014

This Man

DSCN3549  This Man and I are celebrating 29 years of marriage~

We did not start out as “best friends”  like so many couples share about -
           but  after 29 years of marriage he has become the one friend,
                                    that knows me better  than any other.

He knows my quirks and I his-SONY DSC
  He has seen and shared the good,  the ugly and the in-between     
places of my personality –
  and yet he loves me more  today  than he did 29+ years ago,

And the intensity of the way that he looks at me still overwhelms me.

After 29 years -   he’s the one I still want to hold on to,  going through this life’s journey.
     he’s the one that still makes me smile, laugh and stick my tongue out at.

         2013-08-14 19.17.01 SONY DSC

After 29 years these posts ring even more true

28 Years of Marriage
  27 Years of Marriage

Happy Anniversary, Babe – You're still the one for me.


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