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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Angel Girl

SONY DSC  Today is this girls birthday-

She is officially a teenager at the age of 13teen.

She was born 1 day premature and had to spend the first 24 hours hooked up to a breathing machine in an incubator to make sure her breathing was steady. 

But that day-

this girl rocked our world and those around her with her presence and stole our hearts.

We named her Angelina –

because she was our message from God – a message of completion – a message of  joy, hope and restoration to a season of deep intense healing.  A message that she may not fully understand herself, but her Heavenly Father and her earthly parents did.  As her daddy would call her, she was our “earthly angel.”  

When this girl was in the womb -

It was spoken over her that she would be a “joy bringer – a prayer warrior”

When this girl was a baby-

people continually stopped and look at her –

she would just smile or look at them or extend her hand to them…  and they would share -

how she brightened their day,  how they were struggling and she brought them joy, how they needed that smile or that touch.

they would comment on how she made them feel joy – just her presence – her eyes and her smile brought the “joy of the Lord.”

When this girl was a child -

She always asked if we could pray-  when someone was hurting or in need. If she saw someone hurting or struggling she asked if they needed a hug or would befriend them.

DSC01045Now that this girl is a teen -

we celebrate why she is not only a gift to us but a gift to this world she came to bless.

    13teen ways Angelia is a gift to the world

1. This girl  is a joy bringer.

2. This girl explodes compassion.

3. This girl is a prayer warrior.

4. This girl is unique and eclectic – and her own person.

5. This girl has a wild and amazing imagination.

6. This girl is the best nurse.

7. This girl loves to sing.

8. This girls heart feels deeply.

9. This girl hugs and loves with passion.

10. This girl is all in or all out (this balanced mama loves her all or nothing kiddos)

11. This girl is a tender friend to those in need.

12. This girl radiates the beauty of the Lord.

13. This girl is a world changer.

Happy Birthday my earthly angel -

You bring joy and love and tenderness to this mama’s heart and bless me more than I could ever bless you~

Thank you for being YOU~

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