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Monday, February 4, 2013

365 Days – Days 29 - 35

Living in the moment…


Day 29 – excitement of 4 hour loan approval turnaround

Day 30 – teaching special son to breath deep – self control

Day 31 – hearts of protecting sons

Day 32 – reflections of 20 years of growth in a home

Day 33 – aimlessly looking through isles of store alone (no kids)

Day 34 – quietness of the morning

Day 35 – resting in moments of un-motivation and being ok with it

How to Live in the MomentHow to Helps

3. Focus on whatever you're doing.

Even if you're just walking, or wiping the counter, or shuffling cards—how does it feel? There's probably some kind of commentary spinning through your mind, and it probably has to do with something other than what you're doing. Let those thoughts go and focus on what is (not what was, or what could be). 

  • Just breathe. When the moment begins to escape you, as it will certainly try to do, breathe. Take a very deep breath, through your nose, as deep as you can. Listen to the air moving into your body, and feel your lungs swell. Breathe out slowly through your mouth, letting the air escape on its own.
  • Pay attention to your other senses—touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Pretend it's the very last time you'll ever experience whatever you're experiencing. Have you ever been so engrossed in something that it seemed like the rest of the world just disappeared? Living in the moment is about creating that state of mind at any time. Slow down, and try to savor the present.
  • Listen to the world. The birds, the sounds of one car passing, the conversations of distant strangers, the cracks and creaks of the building as it heats and cools, the planes overhead, the footsteps of passers-by. The moment is all around you.


    I love people watching.  I find it fascinating.

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