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Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School – School Room


School Room Week
We have been tweaking our Family Room - School Room since our move and trying to make it more functional. We are not totally there yet but I like the changes we have made.

here are some pics from when we first moved in:


We have not made too many changes but have taken out some of the cubes so that it is not so crowded.  I have organized the learning center (the cube area) to better meet our needs for this school year.  We were not using all of the items. I moved my Office Apprentice so that it is next to my desk.  I will use it more with it being easier to access. The command center is also changed a bit to better meet our needs.  I now have all the supplies and the girls workbox binders under the command center area.  I think this will work much better. I will post updated pictures soon.

We do our morning devotions, Bible Time and Read-a-louds in the Living Room.  We like the coziness of that room for those activities.


So that is our school room area.  I love that it is in the area that we do life.

living by His grace~
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