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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School – Curriculum Week


It is back to school time at the Chellsen Clan household.

This year brings some changes for our school year for the coming year. We have a new home, which means a new school environment.  We have a new school name, we went from Shining Star Christian Academy to Seasons of Life Christian Academy. (I will share more on why the name change in a future post)

My unique son will be finishing his last year (senior year) at our local High School.  It is a small school that offers many fun and extra classes in the arts, which we are really excited about.  We have been able to meet with the counselor and hand pick his classes and talk out options and extra activities.  They have been so helpful.  My special son has been going to the high school special needs class since we moved, so I will have both my high schoolers out of the house this year for school.

The girlie girls and I have a fun year planned.  For our main frame we will be doing U.S. History through the American Girl Series, using Portraits of American Girlhood.   

We will cover an overview of early American History with Beautiful Feet’s curriculum. BF brings you through Abraham Lincoln and the Civil war.  We will use   History Pockets and Teacher File Box  units to suppliment with each monthly unit.        

I love Beautiful Feet’s timelines and we will be incorporating that, along with adding pictures for our additional units to them. 

I want to really work on creating and ongoing timeline for us.  I do not want to have one for each of the girls because, honesty having three thick notebooks with all the some stuff in it hanging out for years just feels to cumbersome to me.  So we will work on completing one Family Timeline Book.


This is an overview of our units per month.  We will cover one girl each l_welcome-to-felicity-s-world-1774-american-girl-1b48month and the time period of history for that girl.   I also make my own notebook pages to add to our units and will be doing this for our American Girl Notebooks.   I will be using these with the Welcome to …. World Books.

imageimage image 


Last year we had these containers for our continent boxes and this year they will be recycled for our American Girl Boxes.  Each box will have the American Girl books, facts sheets for each girl, history books or information sheets for that time period, and anything else that applies. .    

This is a run down on our main frame which usually focuses on our History.  This is a copy of our Golden Girls Course of Study for this year.  This will give you an idea of the other subjects we will be covering.  We are participating in a bi-monthly co-op in which we will be completing different science units. 

We will have my missionary daughter home, visiting for a week, which we are all very excited about.  Planning on taking some new family pics, and graduations pictures for my unique son.  I want her to take the girls back to school pictures also.

We will be starting school the week of the 19th.  Our Schools here start that week and my rock star son is starting Jr. college the same day.  So it is back to school time for all of us. Looking forward to ALL that this new season has for us.  

living by His grace~
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