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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Morning Devotions

One of the goals I have had for a very long time…

has been to have a “consistent” morning devotion time with my children. We have had a short seasons of this or times when we did a study, but to have it consistently, has been a struggle.   I do things well for short term but long term has always been a stretch for me.

With the move, we have been able to establish this.  I have a short time reading to my special son from his favorite “Veggie Tales Bible Storybook Devotional” and then praying with him before he goes to school. 

I have a time of prayer, devotion and reflection by myself and then the girlie girls and I have our devotional time together. We start by reading the current devotional we are on and then we go around and share what we think God is telling us personally.  After each one of has had a time to share we have a time a reflection.  One by one we go to the tree (cross) to look at the added ornament and spend a few minutes reflecting and praying.  Then it is off to our rooms to fix our beds, and get ready for the day. It has been a wonderful way to transition into our day.  I am loving hearing by girls hearts.


During Lent we used Ann Voskamp’s  “Trail to the Tree”   036devotional and the Youth Walk Devotional that we got from our youth group.  They were a great combination together.



095We just started a new devotional, also using the Youth Walk Devotional.  The focus on this devotion is the names 094of God.  I made ornaments and devotional booklets for the girls and I.  We will be adding the ornaments to our new “Devotional Tree”   I am really excited about this devotion and how God is going to move in us. I am planning on making 093devotional books for097 future devotions we do. 

If you would like a copy of this devotion, send me a message and I can email it to you.



Enjoying spending time in and with the “Word” together~

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