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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

365 Days – Days 64 -70

Living in the moment…

Day 64 – enjoying driving again

Day 65– abundance of vehicles – vehicle that passed smog and is registered

Day 66 – school back on track – enjoying routine

Day 67 – resting in others help – knowing giving son has place to rely on

Day 68 – hubby enjoying watering the lawn and just resting in You again

Day 69 – watching unique son mentor another young man

Day 70 –hubby having purpose again and JOY

How to Live in the MomentHow to Helps


  • Listen to music and enjoy it. Express yourself by dancing to it or singing along.
  • Participate in active conversation and engage in the subject matter with another human.
  • Forgive. Many of us carry grudges with us that haunt us, and those grudges also prevent us from opening our hearts to others because we're scared of getting hurt again.
  • Children don't worry about the future; they play and enjoy every moment for what it is. They haven't yet learned to think ahead, or mull over the past, so take the opportunity to learn from them.
  • Watch your breath, by noticing your breathing pattern your mind naturally quiets and pays more attention to the present moment.
  • Think about how happy your good deed could make someone!

enjoying those daily moments~

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